You are visiting Munich and looking for a relaxing massage experience ? Enrich your holiday with a skillful and soothing full body massage given by a professional massage therapist well trained in different techniques of body-, breath- and energywork, modern and traditional, eastern and western. This   massage-session   will   meet   you   in   the   very   moment   just as   the   way   you   are.   It   combines   deep   tissue   work   and   gentle touches,    firm    akupressure    and    soft    strokes,    stretches    and stillness.   It   loosens   muscle   tensions   and   mobilizes   joints   and spine   while   going   with   your   breath   movement   and   your   flow   of energy   Your   whole   body   will   be   massaged   and   there   is   an emphasis on the front part - your chest, belly and pelvic area. This   Massage   is   not   about   „repairing“,   it   is   more   an   inner journey    through    you    own    self    -    physically,    mentally    and emotionally.    It    invites    you    just    to    be    receptive,    open    and sensual.   Threre   might   be   pain   and   there   might   be   pleasure. All of   this   sensations   are   part   of   our   live   and   want   to   be   felt,   seen and integrated - without jugdement, analysis or comments. You are already perfect - come and feel it ! Costs: 2  hours  =  € 150,-  (back, front) 3  hours  =  € 225,-  (back, sites, front) Sincerely Prakash Frank Sanzenbacher up

Full Body Massage Munich

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PRAXIS FÜR KÖRPERARBEIT UND SENSITIVES HEILEN  Prakash Frank Sanzenbacher                                   Heilpraktiker & Physiotherapeut